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New Tipsters PRO by sport-country or sport-country-competition

February 16 2016, 16:24 · by Daniel Mateos · 3 Comments

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Up to now the Tipster PRO status at Pyckio was achievable at the “sport” level. That is, you could be a Tipster PRO at Football, Tennis, Basketball… and obviously all picks on the sport were computed. But from now on there can be aditionally Tipster PROs 1 or 2 categories below, at the sport-country level (i.e. Football-England or Tennis-ATP) or sport-country-competition level (i.e. Football-England-Premier league). The process so that any tipster can become a Tipster PRO in a lower category will be driven by Pyckio. If we detect tipsters with a Rating that fulfill the criteria to be considered a Tipster PRO, we’ll contact him to propose him to become a Tipster PRO only in that category.

There can be situations that will need further analysis. As an example, a tipster can reach the PRO status at Football and might be near achieving it at Football-Germany too. In these cases we’ll talk with the tipster to come up with the best solution for his potential subscribers.

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3 thoughts on “New Tipsters PRO by sport-country or sport-country-competition”

  1. foxserkan says:

    Why market for Besiktas v Mersin is NOT open?? The is soon to start

  2. jorge says:

    Buenas quiero ser tipster pro, que es lo que tengo que hacer? tengo muy buenos numeros en futbol y baloncesto, haber si me podeis decir como, un saludo

  3. pepe says:

    Si hacéis eso, podríais dejar las stats, para poder ser revisadas…

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