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New La Liga Tipsters Competition

March 14 2017, 14:33 · by Daniel Mateos · 3 Comments

You can already join our new La Liga Tipsters Competition, that will start on March 31 and will finish on April 30, a total of 7 rounds, and submit your first picks. Here you can find all the information about the competition.

Participation is Free. The only requirement to participate is to open a NEW account at Pinnacle SportsBet365 or William Hillclicking on the previous links and bet a minimum of 5€. We suggest you delete your browser cookies to make sure the registration is valid. If you are a resident in Spain you can only participate if you register a new account at the bookmaker Kirolbet throughout this link. If you take part in the competition we’ll also gift a 2 Month GrandMaster subscription, valued at 240€!!, that gives you access to all our GrandMaster Tipsters picks.

Once you place the bet (min. 5€) send end us an email to with your username at Pyckio + your username at the bookmaker in the email subject, for example “david77 (Pyckio) + davidscott (Pinnacle Sports)”. Upon comprobation we’ll give you access to the competition.

Good luck!!

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3 thoughts on “New La Liga Tipsters Competition”

  1. JNC says:

    There is always the imperative question to all the tipsters or any site who sell tips: Why, why, if you have a real edge against the sharp bookmakers, you try to sell your tips, instead of gambling yourself?

    If we’re talking about the soft ones…that’s ok, you are going to be limited sooner or later. But those who have an edge, even in the most accurate markets, where they can play huge money…why? They can’t do it both ways…if they use huge stakes in their tips, they can’t sell them afterwards, because the line will move, and the value will disappear…right? So, what’s behind that kind of behaviour. I truly believe that your site, is designed in a different way, and it’s not a scam. In many ways, it’s different from the standard tipsters site. But, can anyone explain to me the motivation behind those tipsters?

    1. pa2 says:

      1) Not having huge bankrolls
      2) The movement in line is not that big for value to dissappear
      3) From the point of view of tipster it means much higher stability in income

      1. JNC says:

        The last point makes sense. Some people have more risk aversion, and can’t deal emotionally with the ups and downs of the professional punter.
        That can explain a part…

        Concerning about money to invest, for me, it doesn’t make sense. We’re talking about rollover. You don’t need a great ammount to start with and getting enough money to invest later. Even if you START as a tipster…less than 1 year later (if you’re a good one), you have already enough money to bet large stakes and leave this. Again, we’re talking about rollover.

        Maybe and just maybe, sucessfull tipsters see this as an aditional incoming, testing and selling new strategies(or those who are not superb in their eyes), not those strategies where they can reach a yield around 7-10% in a consistent basis? Or just for the fun of it, and just for making a name… one Ego thing?

        As for your point nº2…even if the money it’s not proportionally significant to move the line, those who are very good, can move it. They are identified by the bookies, who take their “advice” to adjust the line…

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