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The “Value” in Sports Betting

by Daniel Mateos · 6 Comments


The concept of “value” is widely used by punters and tipsters when explaining or justifying their selections. I myself have used the term on multiple occasions, but I can´t help noticing that I have been trying to avoid it as much as possible lately, and even when I do use the term I feel a kind of embarrassment in doing so.

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Verified by Pyckio

by Daniel Mateos · No Comments

Verified by Pyckio

From today, if you have a blog/website and you submit your picks at, we offer you the ability to show a Pyckio badge in your site that confirms your betting statistics are verified by us.  Within the badge it can be read “Visit my Tipster page in”. You can link it to the url of your Pyckio tipster account. In this way, the users who visit your site can trust that your statistics are real and verified by Pyckio (at Pinnacle Sports odds). Moreover, they will be able to access your Pyckio tipster page in only one click.

You can find here more info and the different sizes we have made.

The Luck factor in Sports Betting

by Daniel Mateos · 7 Comments

Luck plays a very important role in the outcome of our betting activity, much more than many think. It’s true that in the long term the influence of luck tends to zero and the more bets we make the less it will affect our results. But in the short terms  luck can have an amazing influence, for better or worse.

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What qualities have the best tipsters and punters?

by Daniel Mateos · 1 Comment

best tipsters

I’ve been linked to the sports betting world for many years. After betting and earning some good extra pay for a long time I created a blog where I posted my daily Tennis and Football picks.  Later on I founded and after tipping for free during 1 year I started selling my tennis tips as a premium tipster. I have also managed my own portfolio of tipsters, that I ran as an investment. I was the co-creator of a mathematical prediction model that didn’t work.  Finally I decided to found Pyckio is a marketplace and sports betting social network. One of our objectives is to find the best world betting experts in every sport and give them the oppotunity to become PRO tipsters. After being for so long connected to the tipping world I think I know what are the qualities that meet the best tipsters and bettors. After all there is a very thin line between both.

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Tipsters and Punters of the world… Welcome to Pyckio!

by Daniel Mateos · 3 Comments

Pyckio launch

After many months of hard work we can finally anounce the final launch of Pyckio!! We are not a bookmaker. We want to become the biggest sports betting social network. On Pyckio we will look for the top betting experts worldwide in every sport and we’ll offer them the possibility to become Professional Tipsters. Everybody registered user will be able to submit his picks in our platform for free. Our demanding algortihm will determine who deserve to reach the PRO Tipster status. If you don’t get to that level don’t worry. On Pyckio you will have your own personal public Tipster profile page, with its correspondent charts and statistics. And you will be able to have followers, as Twitter. The better your results and analyses are, the more users will follow you. To this day, you can submit your picks in Football, Tennis, Basketball and Baseball. We will add Rugby shortly and will introduce new sports progressively.

If you are a Punter that looks for picks and analyses from other Tipsters you will have access to a very user friendly platform to obtain the best information possible. You will receive the Picks and Tipsters comments under 2 criteria: 1) the Tipster. In your timeline you will see the picks and comments of all the Tipsters you follow 2) the Match. You will access all the picks and analyses made on any particular game by all the Pyckio community.

Moreover, we will organise punctual contests where you will be able to win great prizes. Next Tuesday it will start the “Brazil World Cup Contest”. We will distribute 1,000 eur among the 10 best Tipsters of the contest (500 € for the winner).

Please send us any question or doubt you might have from the Contact form. We are glad to accept any kind of suggestions and new ideas. And please be aware that we have just launched the website and there will be some small errors that we will fix over time ;-).

¡Many thanks and welcome to Pyckio!

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