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November, month of great discounts in our Tipsters PRO picks!!

November 01 2015, 12:46 · by Daniel Mateos · No Comments

discounts proNovember arrives and with it great discounts in our Tipsters PRO picks. If you buy any picks package from 1 to 8 November, you will enjoy a 40% discount, if the purchase is made from 9 to 15 Nov the discount will be 35%, from 16 to 22 Nov, 30% and from 23 to 30 Nov. 25%. Therefore, the sooner you buy them the better!!

You can make your purchase:

1.  From each Tipster PRO profile page, directly with your debit/credit card. The picks bought will be automatically allocated in your account.

2. From Skrill or Paypal. Send us the money to our Skrill or Paypal account (in both cases Please include the information of your username at Pyckio and the Tipster PRO and number of picks you want to buy and we’ll allocate them in your account manually.

Should you have any doubt please email us to

We interview our Football Tipster PRO “abet”

September 26 2015, 00:40 · by Daniel Mateos · 5 Comments

abetabet is currently one of our 4 Football Tipsters PRO. He tips in many leagues from all around the world and his records show he is capable to deliver great value with his picks, with a 7.2% yield in 1011 picks (as of September 25, 2015). He prefers to remain anonymous as he works in the betting industry. He is also a professional bettor. abet is definetely a Tipster who knows what he is talking about. 


1. What do you do, apart from tipping on Football?

Currently I work in the betting industry so I am privy to information and resources that help me to place high value bets on a regular basis. I bet professionally myself on both football and rugby then share these bets with my Pyckio followers.

2. How long have you been betting and how did you first get interested in Sports Betting?

I have been betting and making year-on-year profits for more than 10 years. From an early age I could see bookmakers were pricing things inaccurately and I wanted to take advantage of this. My stakes have steadily increased and I now win more from sports betting than most jobs pay.

3. How did you know Pyckio?

A contact of mine, who successfully follows my bets, referred me to Pyckio. He predicted that if I shared my bets on Pyckio, I would achieve PRO status and he wasn’t wrong!

4.You bet in more than 20 different leagues Who do you do to find value in some many different competitions? Any favourite league for betting?

I have a network of local contacts and analysts who will provide me with the in-depth information I require to place bets on each league. My style of betting means I will be successful across a wide variety of leagues and cups but I have a preference for International tournaments or friendlies and Continental competitions as I believe the bookmakers’ prices for these matches are especially inefficient.

5. Do you watch the football games?

Of course I watch many football matches and I like to get a feel for each team’s style of play by watching them when the opportunity arises. But you do not need to watch every game that you place a bet on. Just make sure you read the post-match reports, live twitter feeds and check the in-game stats.

6. What kind of information do you use to generate your picks?

Aside from the obvious factors that I take into account such as team news, playing styles and statistical data, I observe market moves and evaluate the betting patterns of the biggest football betting syndicates to give me an extra edge. The process of finding the best value bets requires hours of work each day.

7. Why level stakes?

Level stakes is a strategy I have adopted to minimize risk. There will always be fluctuations in performance but by maintaining level stakes, volatility will be reduced. I am confident I will beat the market consistently over time and each bet I place must meet my strict value criteria.

8. In which bookies do you best most?

I only use Asian bookies (SBO, Pinnacle, Maxbet, ISN) through a betting agent. I am restricted/limited/banned from all major UK or European bookmakers so this is my only choice.

9. Which yield do you think you could maintain in the long run?

Naturally the more bets you place, the lower your yield will be. Only a fraction of bettors or tipsters are profitable long-term. I am one of those few. Taking Pinnacle price only, I believe anything above 5% long-term is commendable.

10. Any message to your potential subscribers?

I provide tips across a wide selection of leagues and competitions, both early and on the day of the game. But most importantly, unlike many tipsters out there, I am betting my picks with my own money so I am not just advising you to place a bet, I am doing it too. I have had great success in the past doing this and will continue to do so. I am doing the work so you don’t have to!

Follow abet to receive Free promotional picks or buy his picks to boost your earnings!!

Why the Tennis Tipster “tantar” is not longer a PRO

September 01 2015, 12:50 · by Daniel Mateos · No Comments
On september 1st we detected a totally unacceptable behavior by our Tennis Tipster PRO “tantar“. This is the explanation:
Exceptionally there are Tennis matches that are still open (to submit picks) even thought the match has already started. This is due to a technical issue we’ll fix soon. In any case, when this happens, we delete manually those picks submitted when the game is in-play, so these picks are never valid. Yesterday night tantar introduced 3 picks in 2 matches, when these have already started >30 minutes ago. tantar tried to take advantage of this information to submit these picks, that obviously were won. Several users contacted us to alert us about it.
In line with our policy of maximum ethics and transparency, we have taken the decision of eliminating tantar as a Tipster PRO at Pyckio. We cannot accept that our image and reputation get damage for such a reprehensible misconduct, by one of our Tipsters PRO.
We are the first directly affected by this measure, so if we have taken it is because we are convinced of what happened.
(Note: this post was written on September 1st but it was deleted (along with its comments) due to a problem in our server. If you introduced a comment please re-introduce it, because we lost the information and cannot recover it)

We interview our Tennis Tipster PRO Jules Aunay (tantar)

July 17 2015, 11:31 · by Daniel Mateos · No Comments

tantar Jules Aunay (tantar), who prefers to maintain his privacy (this is not his real name), is currently our only Tennis Tipster PRO. Up to now (17 July 2015) he has achieved a 7.5% yield (8.9% with level stakes) in 711 picks. tantar tips on both ATP and WTA. He is a software developer that has been betting since 2000 but in the last years he has taken it more seriously. He has been able to produce a 2nd surce of income with his real money bets and has showed to be the best Tennis Tipster at Pyckio at the moment.


1. What do you do, apart from tipping on Tennis?

I am a software developer.

2. How long have you been betting and how did you first get interested in Sports Betting?

For fun I’ve been betting for more than 15 years, but I’ve started seeing this as something worth doing since 2004. I always loved numbers and sports so betting came natural for me :) 

3. How did you know Pyckio?

I found you on the internet

4. You tip on both ATP and WTA. What are the differences? Which one do you prefer?

There are not many differences between the two as the game is the same, forehands, backhands, serve. Probably the main difference is the hold ratio which is bigger in the ATP than the WTA, hence resulting in more contested games in WTA. I personally prefer the WTA as serve is broken far more often, and the good returners can win matches easier.

5. Do you watch the Tennis games?

I try to watch as many games as I can as I believe this is the main key. You can learn a lot from watching tennis games. First of all, every player’s style of play, how they begin matches, how they manage themselves in winning positions and the most important thing if they are injured or have small motivation during a tournament.

6. Which are your information sources?

The main sources of information are the matches I watch, and then, well, social media is a huge thing nowadays, almost every player inside the top 100 has a twitter account, although they don’t post many relevant things. The twitter/facebook accounts of tournaments are also filled with information as you can see pictures/videos of players during training sessions which can be relevant.

7. You make flat stakes, why?

Flat stakes are easier to follow, and this is how I bet for myself as well. I only bet on games which i feel good about so for me flat stake is best.

8. Which are the best bookies for Tennis betting?

It depends on how you bet on tennis. If you want to bet pre-match Pinnacle have the best odds in recent years. When I started betting Nordicbet also had very good odds and a lot of interesting bets so i have to mention them as well. Otherwise, if you like trading, by far the best is Betfair.

9. Do you think you will be able to maintain a 7-8% yield in the long run?

Tennis is a tough sport, mainly because it is an individual sport, and you depend solely on the player you bet. A constant yield is something very difficult to achieve as there are ups and downs. From my experience so far, it is not easy to maintain a 7-8% yield over the long run but I have confidence I can do it, at least a 5% yield in the long run.

10. Any message to your potential subscribers?

I cannot guarantee results but I can guarantee hard work, a deep understanding of this sport. Now it’s your decision ;-).

Follow tantar to receive Free promotional picks or buy his picks to boost your earnings!!

Become a Tipster PRO at Pyckio! We can import your records from other sites

July 10 2015, 20:27 · by Daniel Mateos · No Comments

Buscando tipsters

If you are a great Tipster with a valid and demonstrable track record in other sites, as of next September we’ll be able to import your betting records and you could become a Tipster PRO in Pyckio. All our Tipsters PRO win 50% of the net revenue they generate. At Pyckio picks are purchased in packages and the pick price depends on the Rating of each Tipster and the package size bought. We’ll only import the picks from those tipsters who will pass our algorithm and will become Tipsters PRO. The reason is that it’s a very time consuming manual process we will carry out rigorously. We cannot import the records of all the tipsters. You can be a Tipster PRO in any of the the sports you can find here.

Pyckio is a sports betting marketplace that in only 1 year has grown strongly and we’ll keep on growing rapidly in the next months. With more than 15,000 registered users we are the ideal platform for the best tipsters to sell their picks.

We still have to define how the import process will be but we can advance it will be very rigorous. We won’t accept records from sites of dubious reputation nor picks registered in out of the market bookmakers odds that cannot be followed. Only those tipsters who will pass the exam of our algorithm and will have a minimum Rating of 4.25 after the import process is made, will become PROs. We explain here how our Rating works. It depends on 4 factors: the real Yield, the Level stakes Yield, the number of picks and the volatility.

If you might be interested and you want us to guide you and know if your records could make you a Tipster PRO at Pyckio just contact us at with the subject “New Tipster PRO”.

¡¡Enjoy your holidays and stop your subscription to our Tipsters PRO!!

July 09 2015, 17:21 · by Daniel Mateos · 1 Comment

Vacaciones tipster PRO

Now you don’t have to worry!! You can take your holidays without having to consume the picks you bought of any of our Tipsters PRO. From today you will be able to stop your Tipsters PRO’s subscriptions for a maximum of 14 days. Yes, a maximum of 14 days per each stop. You will be able to make 1 stop if you buy a 100 picks package, 2 stops for 200 picks packages and 3 stops for 500 picks packages. And if you buy several picks packages of one or more tipsters, the total number of picks will be computed. These are our current Tipsters PRO. So come on and enjoy the beach!!

The “Level Stakes Yield”

June 26 2015, 13:30 · by Daniel Mateos · 2 Comments

yield ls2

We have introduced this new statistics for you to have a better picture of the betting performance of any of our Tipsters. We hope you find it useful.

Change your Tipster PRO when you want

June 24 2015, 01:05 · by Daniel Mateos · 1 Comment

Change Tipster PRO

From today, if you buy any of our Tipsters PRO packages, you will be able to swap your pending picks for those of any Tipster PRO at any time. You will be able to do it yourself in the Settings menu at Pyckio. Yo can make as many changes as you want.

Our aim is for you to change to another Tipster PRO when you aren’t satisfied with the results achieved or when the number of picks sent by your initial Tipster PRO reduces due to seasonal factors, as is happening now in Football. It’s important you don’t confuse a bad run, that is the result of variance and that even the best world bettor will suffer, from a more in-depth issue that has made you lose the confidence in the tipster.

Here you are the current list of all our Tipsters PRO.

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